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In 2006, Galileo s.r.l. created ClassTile, a channel dedicated entirely to the marketing of tiles. The project was geared towards establishing a continuous buying and selling cycle on an international scale – given the company’s presence on the Far East markets – which guaranteed good turnover levels. It was in 2013 that Galileo s.r.l. took ClassTile in a new direction. This development arose from a decision to launch an internal research project which would maintain the approach to sales that had always been in the brand’s DNA.

So ClassTile grew into a traditional yet forward-thinking brand which manufactures and markets top-end ceramics for floors and walls. 

From technical to glazed porcelain stoneware and to sophisticated white-body collections, ClassTile solutions are synonymous with an inseparable pairing of technique and innovation, an example of the finest ceramics made entirely in Italy, with one eye on aesthetics and the other on environmentally sustainable production. 


Class Tile has always placed the maximum care to the sustainability of its industrial processes. This care places the company at the leading edge in developing minimum impact production systems that will guarantee full respect for the environment, so of our future. To mix minimum impact production systems and high standard product has always been a primary goal for Class Tile. 

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Emas is a European trademark that identifies a European eco-management and audit system that provides for a program of initial environmental analysis of the manufacturing unit, a specific intervention policy, compliance with ISO 14001 regulations and a project for the periodic revision of processes aimed at safeguarding the environment.

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To show the caution, in the fullfillment of a sustainable production cycle, ClassTIle garnered the Green Building Council Italiacertification. ClassTile collections comply with the requisites (minimum content of recycled material 40%) that qualify ceramic products for LEED, a system promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council for the evaluation of energy environmental quality for the development of high-performance “green” buildings able for function in a sustainable, self-sufficient way.

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The CE mark offers a guarantee that the material purchased meets all the requirements set out by  applicable regulations established by the European Union for the protection and safety of consumers.